Le Salon Collection

This project began during spring of 2018 with Florian Sumi in collaboration with the leather artist Dragovan with whom they created two small prototypes (Salon S·1 and S·2) combining sheet metal work and stainless steel turned with manual work of leather. This resulted in the creation of two 25-centimeters high Japanese-style low seats, where the stainless steel sheets and ‘studs’ constrain large pieces of soft or braided leather.

Le Salon has been developed from their desire to create a sharing space, where everyone can gather around one single centre. They picture it as a scene with protagonists of different physiognomies and physiologies, with a variety of personalities. In the universal configuration of the agora, this theatre of objects is enclosed in its centre. Thereby, they evoke fictions around the idea of a group, looking for a formal identity of the whole while identifying each part of it. The results are seats with precise lines in which gesture has a central place, the movement of sitting down.

To sit and watch, to sit and talk, to sit and experience...
This is a universal, timeless and multicultural evidence, or even the obsession of an entire civilization.

Portfolio ¦ Florian Sumi