It’s often said that a piece of furniture adds the finishing touch to an architectural project.
We believe furniture makes the architecture.

The flagship of STATEMENT jewelry house has opened in Paris a few steps from the Tuileries garden. The project is signed by the duo Agathe Labaye and Florian Sumi in collaboration with the architects Abinal & Ropars. The creators focus, especially for this project, on the jewelry’s world for a sharp result : privileging the precision of detail over the spectacular in order to create a link between the jewel and its display case.

The choice of massive volumes finely ordered is raw, entering in contradiction with the fineness of the products offered for sale. Natural light is invited inside the boutique to guide the client’s steps. Seeking immersion and experience, the architects create a mineral envelope in simili concrete developed as a faceted capsule hosting furniture echoing the shapes of the jewelry pieces designed by Amélie Huynh.

The intimate scale of the boutique allows for a very personal connection with her creations. The impression of having been waited for before entering is increased tenfold by the welcoming proportions open to the outside. The angular and generous geometry triggers the feeling of accepting a surprising appointment when starting the shopping adventure.

STATEMENT’s futuristic aesthetic resonates through the materials used such as vibrated stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane foam, powder sintering, lacquered wood and mirror. Through an intuitive circulation, the jewel is successively revealed in the wall display cases, in the earring-bar and in the large steles with magnetic control.

Every detail is mastered, right down to the design of the hangers used to suspend the jewels, which is as much a matter of museography as of a high-tech laboratory. The stroll is lived by progressive appearances of dedicated micro-spaces. The gem- table levitates in the alcove dedicated to fittings, enlightened by a large swiveling mirror with light nets, a moucharabieh seals off the technical space from the desk while allowing the staff to observe the activity of the store and the street.

The whole space is articulated around a digital gap that brings to life the virtual heroine Alyh, icon of the jewelry house. This material and digital addition gives the space a sci-fi atmosphere, between genre setting and minimalist domestic space, as a response to the unique universe of the STATEMENT house.

Portfolio ¦ Florian Sumi