“ More than adornment, a jewellery armor ” is STATEMENT’s tenet, which resonates in its new space, rue du 29 Juillet, in in Paris's 1st arrondissement. Offering a techno-futuristic experience, the flagship store is designed as a precious bastion housing its treasure: the jewelry designed by the brand’s founder, Amelie Huynh. nh.

This immersive envelope is a monolithic setting, a reference to the brutalist movement where both the architecture and each piece of furniture were custom-created for the project. The duo composed by Agathe Labaye and Florian Sumi, in collaboration with Abinal & Ropars, designed it as a contemporary shelter, both a protective and exploratory space. Entirely consisting of cement slabs, the faceted «concrete-skin» shell, extends throughout the space, absorbing light and sound like tectonic concrete.

A large console with vertical panels lacquered in black, like the rest of the furniture, emphasises the techno-futuristic aspect of the space.It is in a progressive circulation that the jewel is revealed, either protected in a series of built-in vibratory stainless-steel niches, in a set of furniture adorned with a triangular motif or on large sharp-edged aluminum stelas that would look equally at home as part of the scenography of a museum exhibition as in a high-tech laboratory. The duo also adds a domestic touch by way of a lounge area with an angular bench (the store’s sole touch of color), which invites you to sit down to experience the jewelry. The adjacent stone table—another concrete monolith—levitates in this quasi-remote corner.

Into this cold, yet soft setting penetrates another presence—that of the digital heroine Alyh. She lives and moves in a vertical "rift" in the form of a screen that marks the entrance to a digital universe created by artist Thomas Traum, under Régis Tosetti’s creative direction.

It is in this immersive, brutalist and digital experience that STATEMENT’s emblematic pieces of silver and diamonds have found their place.

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